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We regularly seek feedback from our parents / carers through questionnaires, surveys, comment books and daily conversations.  Here are a few quotes that brought a smile to our faces.

2023 Feedback

"Rascals are fab, every member of staff is amazing with my daughter always caring informative and helpful. My child always comes home talking about the team and the children. I don’t think Rascals need to improve on anything. It’s perfect and I couldn’t ask for more for my child. I look forward to my youngest joining Rascals in the future."

"The Rascals team offer a caring, fun and supportive environment. Tracey is always prompt in responding to any emails/messages and has always shown such kindness and flexibility when accommodating my family’s needs. I feel my children’s individuality is encouraged and they have both always been happy to go. I’d recommend it to anyone with pre-school children."

"All the staff and kind, caring, engaging and knowledgable. A robust key worker system is in place but I also feel able to speak to any staff member regarding my child. My child has always enjoyed attending Rascals and has made lots of friends."

"My child is very happy at Rascals and I have no worries. The staff and setting are excellent in every way and I will be sad when the time comes for my child to leave. Communication has always been brilliant and it shows how much the staff really care for each child and knows them very well. Thank you to ALL the team."

"I absolutely love Rascals and so does my son. It’s the most welcoming atmosphere and all of the staff are just amazing. We are so happy with everything there and most importantly my child is. I know he is well looked after by everyone and is in a safe setting which is the most important thing to us. Thank you for all you do."

2020 Feedback

"This is the best pre-school in the area and the staff is amazing. The effort they take to get to know the children's individual needs and their personality is incredible. The big, open space is perfect for the children, well planned activities, and lots of memories taken home by our son every day. We always feel comfortable to talk to any staff member if we have a question or concern. There is one thing which we deeply regret and upset about: that our older child went to a different nursery, therefore he never had the opportunity to thrive and be surrounded by these professional, loving, caring, beautiful people."

"Your attention to detail with my daughter is exceptional and her learning journal is full of detail and a much better resource than what her other school setting does. You are patient and inclusive no matter how barmy she is and I really appreciate as a working parent knowing the support and effort you put in."

"Attending Rascals has become a wonderful part of routine for many years now (with 2 different children). The staff are so helpful and go above and beyond for our family during difficult times. We are so thankful that you are helping my child who currently attends to grow in confidence and learn in many ways and we both miss you on Wednesday's when you're not open!"


"All the staff are positive and very supportive and the parents evenings are a great way of keeping us informed"

"The staff are very friendly and help my child feel safe and secure. My child enjoys going to Rascals and with the help of the staff have managed to make friends."

"A fantastic playschool with every single member of staff doing an amazing job! My child has grown in confidence since starting at Rascals and loves going in every morning!"

"My son was very wary when starting but Rascals have been amazing. His speech and social skills have improved so much since attending. All the staff are so friendly and happy and literally can't do enough for all the children. My son loves it and sometimes even cries when I pick him up as he doesn't want to go. He used to cry because I was leaving him but it's the other way round now. The girls are fantastic."

2018-2019 Feedback

"The staff are fantastic.  My child absolutely loves coming to Rascals he gets very excited every Tuesday and Thursday."

"They are so welcoming and helpful with my family and our additional needs. We have been going through a really difficult time and all staff are so kind, supportive and go the extra mile in so many ways! I can’t thank them enough for all you do."


"My little girl absolutely loves going to Rascals, her confidence has come on leaps and bounds in the time she has been there. All the staff are lovely."

"I could not be happier with the care Rascal’s provide. My child has come on in leaps and bounds since starting at Rascals. From the moment I visited I had such a good feeling about it and I’ve never had a moments doubt or a single issue. The staff are fantastic and I couldn’t be more grateful for the care they provide, their attention to detail and how much they genuinely seem to care about the children."


"Rascals have been very good at encouraging my child to take the final step in making a big decision, for example the final encouragement needed in the process of giving up her dummy. My little girl has a lot of affection and respect for the Rascals Team and wants them to be proud of her."

"My child absolutely loves rascals and has helped his confidence and speech grow ready for school in September. I recommend and have recommended rascals to many friends and family."


 "You do everything so well. There is nothing I think you need to improve on."

"Rascals do an amazing job of caring for my son, he loves playschool & has has made so many friends. The staff are wonderful & so friendly. It's such a great pre-school. My son is so happy there which makes me happy too."

"I love rascals, wonderful staff, great toys and so much for the kids to do"


"It's an outstanding pre-school. I cannot think of anything to improve the setting"


"My child absolutely loves going to Rascals and has grown so much since first starting. She’s confident , speaking clearly and has made friends. The toy scenes that are set out every morning are incredible and even make me want to stop and play!"


"My daughter has been to 2 other nursery and did not settle at all she visited rascals did a full day and from that day she has never wanted a day off the staff children other parents environment is amazing would defintely recommend this nursery 100%"


"I have recently viewed my child's learning journal for the first time and I was very impressed by the number of photos and observations that were in there as she doesn't attend many sessions. I got the feeling they had really got to know her in the short time she has been attending. All the toys and activities set up in the morning always look impressive and inviting, and show a great amount of effort put in by the staff planning and setting up. The staff are all lovely and approachable  when you speak to them."

"Since day one of settling in, the staff have been absolutely amazing! I am so happy to have found rascals and cannot recommend it enough."


 "Excellent text communication and reassurance when child is unsettled upon arriving."


"Really friendly. Lots of different activities on a daily basis."


"Great pre-school"


"Rascals has a friendly and warm atmosphere and we enjoy bringing our child in. Claire B has been fantastic at helping with any issues in the mornings and keeps us reassured our son is having a good time whilst there."


 "It's a friendly and caring setting , which seems to have many different activities set out everyday to keep the children interested and happy. The staff were very supportive of myself and my daughter when she found it hard to settle in, and with a lot of patience my daughter enjoys her time at rascals . Sometimes it is hard to chat to a member of staff, but only because they are busy with others ."


"The staff always make my child and I to feel welcome and comfortable. They are brilliant with my child and she is always telling me how much she likes playschool."


 "I have found Rascals very welcoming and friendly. The staff are enthusiastic, energetic and really positive. When we come in at the start of a session, you let my daughter know that you are happy to see her and looking forward to spending time with her, and always have a nurturing approach. I have also been really impressed with how much there is in her learning journal, as it shows that you take time to watch and interact with her. Thank you!"

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