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Newsletter – Spring Term 2021

Welcome to the Spring Term at Rascals. 

We realise this term has started a little bit differently to how we expected, and we realise that many of you are currently at home, but we are still keen to stay in touch with you the best we can and to let you all know what’s going on at Rascals!  

This is the second of three newsletters that will be issued during this academic year.  The first newsletter and a copy of this one can be found on our website

We update our website regularly with important information and useful dates so please do check regularly.  We also post reminders and useful information on our facebook page so please feel free to LIKE us for regular updates and information in your newsfeed.  This should enable you to have access to all the information                         you need when you need it.

Tracey         - Manager &Treasurer 
Hayley         - Supervisor   (Senco/Inco)
Claire        - Supervisor  (Senco/Inco)
Claire B        - Senior Assistant
Sam              - Senior Assistant 
Alana            - Assistant 

Volunteers:  Julie 




Events for the Spring Term

Chinese New Year:  We will be celebrating Chinese New Year on Friday 12th February and will be offering the children a selection of Chinese food to try at snack time.  All foods will be discussed with parents/carers of children with specific dietary requirements before this date.  If the children have any Chinese artefacts or holiday snaps they would like to bring in that week you would be very welcome to bring them in for us to incorporate into the children’s learning. Please ensure that all items are clearly labelled, and photos are copies of the originals.

World Book Day: We will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 4th March and we would love the children to come dressed up as their favourite book character or bring in their favourite book to share with their friends. If your child does not attend on a Thursday but they wish to take part, then please feel free to allow them to dress up and bring a book any day during this week.

Red Nose Day: We will be joining in with Red Nose Day on Friday 19th March, more details will be given after half term.


Is in the second half of the term.   We will be celebrating Easter with the children and more details will be given after the half term holiday.

Possible closure on Thursday 6th May. 
Due to the current Covid situation the local Elections that usually take place in the coffee lounge may have to now take place in the main hall this year so that a one-way system can be put in place, which isn’t possible in the coffee lounge.
We have discussed the issue with the church who have very kindly suggested that if we do have to close on the Thursday morning, we should be able to transfer this session to the Wednesday morning instead that week so that your child doesn’t miss out.    We are still awaiting a final decision on this and will let you know as soon as we have been informed but wanted to give you plenty of advance warning that this may occur. 

We have had some families asking for ideas for their children’s lunchboxes as it can be a challenge knowing what to pack to get the children eating a well-balanced lunch. We would suggest taking a look at the NHS ‘Change4Life’ website which offers a range of ideas and healthy alternatives for lunches: As a setting, we also provide the children with healthy snack choices during the day and encourage the children to try new foods.
Please also see important information under the Food Allergies/ Safety section later in this newsletter. 

Parent consultations 
Parent consultations will not be able to go ahead in their usual format this term, due to the current Covid situation.  However, for those children who are in attendance for this term, we will be arranging for the journals to be sent home during the second half of this term so you can see what your child has been up to.  For those children who are staying at home we will be contacting you by email to check in with you during this term and to find out what your child has been up to at home.  
If at any time you wish to speak with your key person, please either let Tracey know at the door or email us to request a call. 

We will continue to spend time in the garden this term.  It is exciting to look at frozen puddles and explore the snow when it’s falling.  Please make sure that your child is dressed for this cold weather whether they go outside or not.  The hall can stay quite chilly in this weather so children do need vests or t-shirts underneath their clothes.  It is better to have several layers of clothes that can be removed should they get warm rather than children feeling cold.  
PLEASE make sure you write your child’s name clearly and visibly on all of their belongings to avoid any confusion.  This includes all their clothes, hats, gloves, scarf, shoes and bags.

Rascals fees and snack donations:
It is extremely helpful if you could pay your fees/ snack donations via bank transfer, particularly at the present time as it reduces the need for us to handle any money in the setting.  However, if you do wish to pay by cash please continue to give any monies due in a clearly labelled envelope as we have found this very helpful in the past.  You will receive an email confirming receipt of any cash paid. 
If you pay your fees directly into our account, please ensure you quote your child’s name as the reference. 

In addition to this newsletter, you will find attached a Termly Reminders sheet which we hope you will find useful.  We realise this is a lot of information to take in all at once but feel it is useful to provide you with as much detail as possible and hopefully this will answer some of the questions you may have.  However, if there is anything you are unsure of or if you just need a bit of advice about something, please do speak to a member of staff who will be more than happy to help you.  

We look forward to enjoying the Spring Term with you all.


Rascals mobile: 07546584314
Rascals email: 

[PLEASE NOTE: The Rascals mobile phone and email address are constantly monitored by Tracey.  During out of hours and particularly over weekends and holidays you may not receive an immediate response.  However, if you are contacting us with a matter of urgency an email is always the best form of communication]



Personal Details:
•    Please ensure you inform us immediately of any change of details such as mobile phone numbers or other contact details for parents and your emergency contacts.  It is essential that our records are kept up to date in case of emergencies.



Change Bags:
•    Please ensure that your child’s bag is named clearly on the outside as some children do have similar bags and it is difficult for them to tell us which is theirs. 
•    Please always check your child’s bag when you get home as used nappies or soiled clothes will be placed in there during the morning if necessary.  Unfortunately, we do not have facilities to dispose of soiled nappies on the premises and therefore these will be placed into a nappy sack and put into your child’s bag.


•    Please make sure your child wears suitable clothing for the weather each day.  
•    It is important to send your child to playgroup with more than one set of spare clothes as they will most definitely get dirty at some point!
•    Please ensure that you don’t send them to playgroup in their best clothes or coat as the children need to feel free to explore and play.  
•    If the weather is warm and sunny please ensure you apply sun cream to your child before you bring them to playgroup as it does get very hot in the garden. 
•    PLEASE make sure you write your child’s name clearly and visibly on all their belongings to avoid any confusion.  Some children do enjoy taking their shoes and socks off whilst playing indoors so it would be helpful if you could clearly name their shoes. 

Health and Safety:
•    For safety reasons we prefer jewellery is not worn at playgroup. We do understand that the jewellery may be of cultural or religious significance and we are happy to make an exception for this.  However, this will be at your own risk; as we are unable to take any responsibility for injury, damage or breakages.   We would also ask that if your child has their ears pierced please could you ensure they wear plain studs for playgroup.

Food Allergies/Safety:
•    We are a nut free zone, please could all parents refrain from putting nuts in your child’s lunch, thank you.
•    Some parents like to send sweets into playgroup when it is their child’s birthday, however, please note we have to be a nut free zone and cater to all of the children’s dietary requirements so please speak to a member of staff so that we are able to help to ensure all children can be included. 
•    Please also ensure that no food is left in your child’s bag.  If you need to bring them a packed lunch to have after playgroup please pass it to a member of staff who will keep it safe. 
•    Please also ensure you chop any food such as grapes, large blueberries, olives etc length ways or ideally quarters before putting them in your child’s lunch.  Also items such as sausage, cheese, cucumber, carrots should be cut into long thin strips rather than chunks.

Medicines in Playgroup:
Please be advised that any medical products needed at playgroup, MUST be given to a member of staff for us to store in our medical box in the Main Hall and paperwork will need to be completed.

Please could all parents check NO medical products are left in their child’s rucksack on their peg during the course of the morning, as all the children do have free access to their pegs. 

Please, please DO NOT send your child to playgroup if they are unwell at all including small ‘sniffles’. You will be asked to take them home again. We also ask you NOT to bring your child to Rascals if they have taken any medication in the morning. If they have suffered from diarrhoea or sickness please keep them at home for at least 48 hours after the last episode of sickness or diarrhoea. This also applies to those children who have started a course of antibiotics.

Policies and Procedures:
Please ask a member of staff if there are any particular policies you would like to see so these can be forwarded to you electronically. 

Car Parking and Children’s safety:
Please remember not to use the Tesco or the front church car park, as the church staff and church members require access at all times.  Please use the car park on the far side of the church at all times. 

Please be aware of small and young children running around in both car parks. 

Please ensure your child is fully supervised when waiting to come into playgroup in the morning.  We have had experiences in the past where broken glass or other unsavoury litter has been found discarded on the church grounds and would not like any of the children to injure themselves.  



Friday 12th February – Chinese New Year 
Thursday 4th March – World Book Day
Friday 19th March – Red Nose Day
Monday 15th – Friday 19th February – HALF TERM
Thursday 1st April – Last Day of Term
Friday 2nd April – Friday 16th April – Easter Holidays
Monday 19th April – First Day of Summer Term


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